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Zapraszamy na międzynarodową konferencję Virtue & Moral Education

Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Dziennikarstwa Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego i The Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing, The University of Oklahoma zapraszają na międzynarodową konferencję Virtue & Moral Education, która odbędzie się w Gdańsku w dniach 17–18 maja 2018. „Filozofuj!” objęło to wydarzenie patronatem medialnym.

Językiem konferencji jest język angielski.

Contemporary virtue ethics is one of the most influential approaches to ethics. Its main focus is the growth of moral agents by developing their moral character. Moral character consists in various stable, acquired cognitive-affective dispositions to morally good acting. In philosophy such dispositions are labeled as virtues.

During the conference Virtue and Moral Education we want to raise the questions: How should moral character, not only that of children but also of adults, be shaped? How should we develop valuable features of character within ourselves and in others? How should we influence the change of moral convictions, and make people want to become more benevolent to each other, more honest and helpful? How should we evoke motivation to constantly keep working on our own character?

We would also like to discuss the issue of the most valuable methods in moral education that would influence not only behavior but also affective and cognitive processes. Such discussion would include reflection over directive and nondirective methods of education, their strong and weak sides. It would encompass discussing the role and place of moral exemplars (moral saints, heroes, and sages), as well as the role and place of the method of value clarification and education through moral dilemmas.

We invite all the persons interested in the issues of moral education and the development of moral character to send their declarations of participation and abstracts.

Submission deadline (300 word abstract): 1 April 2018

Conference registration fee: 75 euro or 300 zł which includes conference materials, coffee, tea, water and biscuits, lunches (17 — 18 May)

Conference dates: May 17, 2018 — May 18, 2018

Conference venue: The Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism, University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland

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Natasza Szutta
Instytut Filozofii, Socjologii i Dziennikarstwa UG
ul. Jana Bażyńskiego 4
80–309 Gdańsk

Keynote speakers:

Linda Zagzebski is George Lynn Cross Research Professor, and Kingfisher College Chair of the Philosophy of Religion and Ethics, at the University of Oklahoma. She is the past President of the American Catholic Philosophical Association (1996–7), past President of the Society of Christian Philosophers (2004–7), and past President of the American Philosophical Association Central Division (2015–16). She writes in the areas of epistemology, philosophy of religion, and virtue theory.

Kristján Kristjánsson is Professor of Character Education and Virtue Ethics, and Deputy Director of the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, at the University of Birmingham. His research orientation can best be summed up as that of Aristotle-inspired philosophical scrutiny of theories in educational psychology and values education, with special emphasis on the notions of character and virtuous emotion

Robert C. Roberts is Resident Scholar in the Institute for Studies in Religion at the Baylor University, and Senior Fellow in the Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey, in the inquiry into Religious Experience and Moral Identity. His areas of interest include ethics (especially virtues), Kierkegaard, emotion theory, moral psychology, and epistemology.

Institute of Philosophy, Sociology and Journalism, University of Gdańsk
The Institute for the Study of Human Flourishing, The University of Oklahoma


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